Equal Writes Kickstarter Campaign Promotes Books By Women, For Women


Even today, in San Francisco, women writers are not getting published — or paid —at nearly the same rate as men. A new electronic publishing company Shebooks is hoping to change that with their Kickstarter, the Equal Writes Campaign

Shebooks, a digital company for short e-books by women, founded by three powerful ladies in publishing – magazine editor Peggy Northrop, bestselling author Laura Fraser, and media executive Rachel Greenfield – has a simple goal: to publish great reads by as many women writers as possible in 2014.

According to their website, the gender disparity between male and female bylines in 2014 is the same as it was 100 years ago, and despite the fact that women write 60 percent of bestsellers, they only receive 27 percent of the advances and royalties. 

“As an author, I’ve seen the space for quality women's writing shrink and shrink. That’s why we started Shebooks, to give more women a platform to publish their work," says Laura Fraser, Shebooks Cofounder and Editorial Director.

To date, Shebooks has published over 40 original books by top authors and journalists, but they refuse to stop there. 

The Equal Writes Campaign hopes to raise $50,000 via Kickstarter – they’ve reached half their goal, but still have much more to go before the campaign ends on June 26. For $10 (that’s less than you’re probably going to spend on lunch today) you can get a one-month Shebooks subscription and lots of positive girl-power karma. Pledge $3,000 and you get to attend a writing fiesta in Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Somewhere in between you can also score a rad t-shirt designed by local illustrator Wendy McNaughton, a chance to get your own original work published in an upcoming Girl Power anthology, and even have a protagonist named after you in an upcoming book.   

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