If you're reading this on Sunday, May 2, you're probably not one of the 2,000 wet-suit-clad triathletes who will be jumping off the San Francisco Belle steamboat that ferries the Escape From Alcatraz competitors to the famed prison island to start their sprint-length race. That's quite alright, because who says you have to push through a 1.5-mile swim in the freezing-cold Bay waters, a hilly 18-mile bike ride around the city and an 8-mile leg race through Golden Gate Park just to make your Sunday worthwhile? Here on 7x7's Get Out blog, we like to applaud those who honor their athletic limitations. The ones who will show up to the start/finish line at Marina Green to cheer on the competitors instead of actually competing. The ones who don't have to carbo-load the previous night. The ones who will actually have the energy to enjoy a leisurely brunch at nearby Rose's Cafe, pre- or post-cheering. Here's to you. Thanks for your support.