Fable and Faith: World Premiere from Robert Moses’ Kin


Certain stories keep looping around, no matter how the world changes around them. And we all like a good fable, especially when choreographed by Robert Moses. Known for his complex and fluid style, Moses collaborates with well-known local playwright Anne Galjour to explore imagination in our current cultural landscape via the lens of children’s tales. With live music from the Grammy-winning San Francisco Boys Chorus, Fable and Faith is a hip multimedia world premiere from one of the Bay Area’s major dance companies.

Paired with video installations and music ranging from Shakespearean text to the score from Under the Tuscan Sun to "Lacrymosa" from Mozart’s Requiem, the lilting voices of the San Francisco Boys Chorus join music from Matthew Harris and Blondie’s former lead guitarist Paul Carbonara. “Their presence and sound bring us back to the fact that our earliest introduction into the world of myth and make-believe is as children,” says Moses.  A visceral and athletic look at how fable translates to faith, the subject promises to be engrossing and the dancers make you wonder how they can be so gracefully precise at that speed. 

February 18-20. Novellus Theater, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street. Tickets are $25-$35 at 415-978-2787 or ybca.org.

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