FACT/SF: Bizarre and Mesmerizing Contemporary Dance


One of San Francisco's newest dance companies, FACT/SF mixes contemporary ballet, dance-theater, and commentary that hops between snarky and insightful. They can roll with the low-key or grandly virtuosic, and have performed in Hong Kong, Russia, and every single Wal-Mart in California. You wouldn't think a performance group labeled postmodern, bizarre, and mesmerizing would be so at home in a deeply American chain store, but there you have it. 

Performing in SOMA this week, FACT/SF reprises the sexy and vicious Consumption Series, looking at consumers and the stuff they consume. It avoids devolving into a capitalistic rant by also demonstrating how humans themselves are consumed - by desire, disease, anger, and all those other emotions we try to avoid by pulling out our credit cards.  

Prompted by the inner workings of the contemporary dance world and its constant compulsion to take itself oh-so-seriously, Eine Kleine Kitschen, Nein? roasts pretension on a tasty skewer. The program also features the premiere of a piece that moves only in arcs, based on the swooping waltz from the days when people danced in ballrooms, rather than in clubs or on Youtube. 

Through April 15. The Garage, 975 Howard St. Tickets are $20 at 800-838-3006 or factsf.org. 

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