Fantasy and Fetish Party

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

On Saturday night, we put on a 7x7SF.COM-Sex with Emily fantasy and fetish party to celebrate this blog and the syndication of the radio show. The show will be live on XM radio and on a local station here. (details coming soon!)

Guests, who were asked to dress in fantasy or fetish wear, gathered at the Porn Palace, which is owned by, a website “delivering, genuine raw fetish since 1997.” The cavernous space is a great playground for adults: It’s a massive interactive film set including a horse stable, jail cell and bondage wall.

my intern Amanda Tashjian & me                                              Brenda Dos Santos & Abdi Hussein

Monica, 28, a commercial producer who’s worked in the fetish business, was struck by the unadulterated curiosity of the crowd: “Everyone seemed so enthralled. They’ve probably never been involved with the fetish scene in a heavy way. It was fun to see everyone so wonderfully curious and happy!”

Captain Erotica—a real live erotic super hero and regular guest on my show—set up his erotic icebar, which he calls “an interactive sensual beverage experience.” Find out more about the bar on Captain Erotica's blog.

Marcelina getting flogged by Captain Erotica

Rochelle and her husband Max, both 32 and living in Cole Valley with their 12-week-old newborn, decided to join the party. “This is the first time we’ve been out since the baby,” she told me. “We’ve never been here before, and we were curious and a bit nervous. But watching Captain Erotica hitting that girl’s behind while she took a shot of tequila really turned me on. I know we’re finally going to have sex tonight.”

Stacy, 32, single and living in the Haight, was floored after her first flogging experience: “Good lord, that man knows what he's doing. I’m surprised, but it really turned me on to do that in public.”

with Alex Tourk                          Monica Crane & Samantha Liu    David Collins & Laurie Shuman

Guests loaded up on goodies from Tickle Kitty, including Dr. Sadie's bestseller, Tickle His Pickle, as well as fun stuff from Good Vibrations and Huge Brand Condoms.

Thanks also to, GDM (aka Glass Dildo Me) and the Djs Giamma - Triple Power + Dave, Jason and Cat.


                                                                                   with Elizabeth Morse (no, we're not related)

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