photography by Heather Wiley & Drew Altizer

PRBO Conservation Science (formerly the Point Reyes Bird Observatory) hosted the first annual "Blue Ball: An Evening Tribute to the Farallon Islands,” at the Bently Reserve, raising more than $150,000 for the organization.

Chris & Alexa Cutler Robin Collins Kimberly Givsan_Mark Calvano
Chris & Alexa Cutler                                Robin Collins                   Kimberly Givsan, Mark Calvano

Simon Thorneycroft_Jessica Brignola Blue Ball performer Mary Lee Bickford_Shane Harmon
Simon Thorneycroft, Jessica Brignola                                           Mary Lee Bickford, Shane Harmon

Colin & Alisa Wiel Monica Maduro_Nadine Weil Lauren Midgley_Gary Nichols
Colin & Alisa Wiel                         Monica Maduro, Nadine Weil     Lauren Midgley, Gary Nichols  

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