Farina for Focaccia


Farina at 10 days.

Most (smart) people wait a good few months before dining at a brand-new restaurant, but not me. I’m always too curious, too impatient and, some might say, too stubborn to follow rules like that. So last Friday night I got one of my favorite friends to meet me for dinner at Farina. It was the restaurant’s 10th night open, but you’d never know it.


The interior design is one of the most intriguing I’ve seen in awhile (look out for the slabs of imported marble next to the bar), service was friendly and helpful, the cooks were methodical and precise and—most memorably for me—the focaccia servers were on fire! Every time I looked at our breadboard, there was always four pieces of focaccia on it—even though I felt like I was putting them away in my ever-so-efficient manner, bite by bite.


Without a doubt, I’m a sucker for bread. Always have been. So Farina’s focaccia made an otherwise uneventful dinner a success. Where else would I recommend when the serotonin sinks and only a piece of perfectly baked bread would do? Hands down Bar Tartine. The bread is crisp on the outside and doughy with a good bite. Once I made a meal of it—with a bowl of the green acorda soup. Similarly, the Bay Bread offerings are delightful. I used to frequent Le Petit Robert for the pumpkin seed loaves, until last Saturday, when I discovered that walnuts replaced the pumpkin seeds. Talk about a disappointment.

Farina’s worth the trip now, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us once it really gets into its groove. On a side note, the restaurant should have its liquor license by the end of this week, so call before you bring your own bottle.
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