Remember those hokey booths on the boardwalk at the shore where you could dress up in old-fashioned Western garb and get your picture taken? Well, Vince Donovan and Michael Shindler, two local photographers who specialize in alternative processes, took that idea and made it cool with Photobooth. Starting this weekend, anyone can pop into their concept shop and get a unique portrait created instantly onsite using alternative techniques including tintypes and Polaroid shots.

The gallery will feature a rotating roster of local photographers, and plans to host an array of events. The photo studio is part art gallery, part bar, part nostalgia shop stocked with retro gear. If you're the type scouting refurbished Polaroid cameras, Photobooth may just be your new hot spot. Check out the grand opening party this Saturday. RSVP at

Saturday, 8/20, 6 - 9:30 p.m.; 1193 Valencia St. (at 23rd), 415-824-1248,

Image: Skatepark tintypes by Jenny Sampson