Last weekend, the de Young Museum opened a three-month long exhibition organized by London's Victoria and Albert Museum, "Vivienne Westwood: 36 Years in Fashion."

According to the de Young, "Known best for her fearless nonconformity, [Vivienne Westwood] ... has a profound respect for the past and looks to it for inspiration. With tradition as her springboard, she takes historic garments such as corsets and crinolines and reinvents them in new ways or uses thoroughly British fabrics like tartans and tweeds to create fashion that gently parodies Establishment styles."

Vicky Paris, Vivienne Westwood, Guests

Bill Kirkpatrick, David Van Virden  Shannon O'Keefe, Joanna Zeppi, Raymond Damien

Elizabeth Wells, Elizabeth Scott     Guest, Julie Yarborough                    Kelly Hockman, Westwood

Angela Ryskiewicz, Eleni Xigaki      Christine Hwang, Westwood

Ashley Stropes                 Mr. David, Hoku Mama             Emily Murillo, Deedee Carlson, Sheryl Snodgrass

Autumn Adamme, Cat Rich   Lord Martine, Charles McAllister   Daniel Quagliozzi, Akemi Okamoto, Mike Nguyen

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