Fashion Show and <i>Zodiac</i>


So I'm really looking forward to the IMG fashion show with Naomi Campbell on March 15 at Fort Mason. For the record, I have no idea what the hell "IMG" stands for, but more details can be found at Boom selecta!

And since I have nothing more interesting to say on the subject, I'm gonna let my main man, Ned Clarke, who you may remember from "Storytime with Ned" on the recently defunct "Hooman Show," take over and tell a good story about the time he tried to sneak into a fashion show at Fort Mason a couple years ago:

“Hey everybody! So I was chillin' outside the Macy's Passport Convention, peering past the red carpet, trying to catch a glimpse of Cindy Crawford and Magic Johnson, who were sipping champagne at the bar, and I thought to myself, ‘How cool would it be to run in there and guzzle Cindy Crawford's champagne?’ So that's just what I did: I ran up the red carpet, past the security at the door and up to the bar where Ms. Crawford had just put down her glass. I picked up the glass, chugged it, ran out through a side entrance and jumped off the dock. Security was waiting for me when I washed up on the beach below. I got charged with malicious mischief, but the charges were later dropped by the liberal SF D.A. Yea!”

Wow! Another winning story by Ned. Y'know, it's content like this that really makes me wonder why my show got canceled! At any rate, two more quick things:

1. I'll be doing a "Who's Hooman?" broadcast from Chinatown on Saturday, and I'll be at Wondercon later that same day getting my dork thang on as well as doing yet another "Who's Hooman?"

2. If anyone wants to get a true taste of what SF has to offer, go see the Zodiac movie. Set amidst the scenic backdrop of the beautiful bay area, this movie offers fun and entertainment for the entire family!

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