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Link Love: Mad Men Yourself While Issac Mizrahi Takes Over The World

Daily reads from our feeds...

In case you haven't wasted enough time at work today, you can now create an animated version of your sexy '60s alter-ego thanks to the impossibly addicting (and impeccably styled) show Mad Men.

Just when you thought jeans had reached their skinniest and were on the way back out, Racked gives us the skinny (ha!) on the new adjustable version from Rag & Bone.

Yet another thoroughly amusing clothing invention as of late, Rooster Booster swim trunks promise to prevent shrinkage and a provide a little added 'boost'. We'll leave it at that, and you can read the dirty deets on The Frisky.

What do we love even more than Chloé Sevigny for Opening Ceremony peep-toe boots? The much more attainable Jeffrey Campell version (via Addicted to YSL), though he's been getting a little Forever 21-ish with his 'inspired' shoes lately...

Adding cheesecake and potpourri to his ever expanding belt of expertise, Issac Mizrahi is coming to QVC in December to sell you EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD you never knew you wanted, via WSJ.