courtesy of Nars Cosmetics

In fashion, as in art and music, we seek inspiration from the bedroom. Whether it’s the nonchalant sexiness of the smoky eye—which gives the appearance of a post-tryst smudgy look—or the big, tousled bedroom hair that conjures vixens like Brigitte Bardot and injects an instant je ne sais quoi to your look. This same playfully naughty inspiration can now be found in one of my favorite beauty tools of all time; Nars Cosmetics' The Multiple now available in their uber-popular blush color Orgasm. This universally flattering peach-hued multi-purpose stick can be used on eyes, lips and most importantly cheeks; to effortlessly achieve that literally just been kissed glow. Here’s another boudoir-inspired beauty device to add to your already sexy routine or a steamy stocking stuffer for your gal pal that needs a little lust in her life. Get your hands on one at and become instantly orgasmic.