courtesy of Sub Pop

The last time I saw singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz perform in SF it was at the Warfield, where he opened for the Raconteurs. With his mom in the audience, Mr. Stoltz shared a little behind-the-music story about the genesis of his song (which just so happens to be one of my favorites) “Birdies Singing”: As Stoltz told it, one day after seeing a concert (or maybe playing his own music too loud? Can’t quite remember exactly how this one goes…) he actually lost his hearing for a day or so. Then, miracle of miracle, he awoke one morning to the sound of birds singing outside his window. Not sure why, but that anecdote melted my heart. And the song is just so contentedly simple in that “Good Day Sunshine” kind of way I just don’t see how you can resist.  Which brings me to my concluding point: Stoltz is one of those bonuses to being local, and getting to see him play an intimate venue like 12 Galaxies this Saturday is pretty damn irresistible.