Feeling Feisty


photo courtesy of Mary Rozzi

Lately it seems as though the ladies have it. First, the media swooned for  party girls Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse—who, for awhile, didn’t seem to have a challenger. But leave it to the Canadians to mount a worthy opposition: With May’s release of The Reminder, Leslie Feist was promptly heralded as the answer to all of your It Girl of Music needs: Cock-sure cred? Yep, she used to sing with Peaches. Indie rock savoir faire? Certainly, she’s a part-time member of Broken Social Scene. Ability to overcome the dreaded hype around a sophomore solo album? Um, have you heard her new song “I Feel It All”? Face it: Feist is the Office of pop: there’s literally nothing not to like about her. And if that sort of thing irks you, then best not to see her live (or pick up any recent magazine, save for maybe Field & Stream), because she’s even more charming in the flesh. But if you’re the type who likes a woman with nakedly intelligent lyrics, genre-jumping ability and that person-you’d-most-want-at-your-campfire-sing-a-long quality, then I strongly suggest you catch her June 26 show at the Fillmore with (the equally blog-worthy) cerebral Brooklyn rock outfit, Grizzly Bear.  Livenation.com
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