Feng Shui at Bae Home & Design


The art and science of feng shui has been practiced in the East for centuries, yet for many here in the West it still has an air of schlock about it. Perhaps it's the glowing celebrity endorsements (Paula Abdul apparently swears by it), but more likely it's just that little is known or understood of the practice. And sure, adding a plant here or a fountain there won't instantly bring you riches, but the act of regulating the flow of energy, or "Qi", throughout one's home can work wonders for opening up the space and creating a more comfortable environment. At the very least, it gets you thinking more about the flow of your home, and at most, it can purportedly help boost your success (ie, those riches we mentioned earlier).

If your interest has been piqued, stop by Bae Home & Design this Thursday at 6PM for The Science of Feng Shui. Lilly Schlachta has been studying the practice for three years, and will be sharing her knowledge on how to successfully incorporate the teachings of feng shui into the home. You can RSVP to matt(at)baehome.com, and the program costs just a measly $5. Plus, if you stick around afterwards to shop you'll receive 20% off all your purchases. See, that money is coming in already.

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