Naya Peterson was perplexed that the Mission, "one of the sunniest and most food-centric neighborhoods in the city," didn't have a gardening store. So she opened Fire Escape Farms, a pop-up mecca for urbanites looking  to grow gardens in their small apartments. Fire Escape Farms focuses on edible gardening in small spaces and offers seeds specifically meant for San Francisco growing. And for bike and foot-bound urbanites, Fire Escape even offers delivery via bio-disel wagon. 

For planting accessories, they've got you covered, selling everything from tools to compost thermometers to worm bins. They also carry gardening books and quirkier items like handmade oil lanterns. And if you don't have a natural green thumb, Fire Escape will be holding a gardening class at Workshop on July 17th to get you started.  

But move to check out Fire Escape's shop fast — the pop-up shuts down on Sunday, August 28th. (You'll still be able to shop on the store's website after its pop-up is gone).

3041 24th St. (at Treat Ave.),