First Dinner in New Apartment


Christie and I promised to say no to all invitations and devote a full day to unpacking our boxes and buying the requisite furniture to store things in our new closet-drawer-and-cabinet-deprived apartment. When most was said and done, all we had energy for was to order our pizza from Escape from New York (which we found surprisingly delicious), pop in a video of the Wire (season three of which we’ve been trying to complete for about six months now), and drink a bottle of wine (De Loach 2004 OFS Pinot Noir—very good).

The remarkable thing was that I managed to convince Christie, whom you learned the other day is a “stem girl,” to drink her wine from a tumbler (she owes me, as I’m putting up with the continued existence in our small apartment of that giant pink plastic ball). Sorry, Greg La Follette (De Loach winemaker), but your excellent Pinot had to be consumed this way because we were eating pizza at the coffee table, in front of the TV—something we rarely do. In that situation, the tumbler really works.

Even though we didn’t have Riedel Burgundy stems to appreciate the nuances of the nose, the wine was full-throated, deeply red and satisfyingly delicious out of tumbler. Next time, we’ll unpack the nice stemware first.
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