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America's Cup 101: A Primer for The Confused

America's Cup Race

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re probably aware there’s a boat race going on in our backyard. And if you’re like the rest of San Francisco, that’s the extent of your knowledge about America’s Cup.

Scenes of the City: America's Cup

Despite the recent gray weather, the high-speed racing continued on the SF Bay with even more America's Cup sailing.

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

Excuse us, San Francisco, the puke on your faux Brian Wilson beard is showing.

The Ultimate Sunday Hike: Berkeley Hills Walking Paths

El Mirador Path in the Berkeley Hills

This month's Ultimate Sunday Hike is a short and steep journey of urban discovery.

Five Bike Routes Every San Francisco Rider Should Know

San Francisco’s bicycle network makes up hundreds of miles of city streets. These are the streets the City has deemed best for biking. San Francisco bike routes are designated by green bike route signs with numbers on them. East/West bike routes are even numbers and North/South are odd—just like the highways. But that’s all really wonky and insider-y, and requires a lot of looking up and down to find the often obscured signage.

Here’s what you really need to know:

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

Football withdrawals got you down? It’s only natural, I mean, Colin Kaepernick’s absurd shoe collection can only hold over one’s football-related obsession for so long.

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

If the baseball-loving world had forgotten that the first-place Oakland A’s both existed and were extremely good, with one outlandish flip of the bat, Yoenis Céspedes reminded everyone that they’re still around and still flush with talent.

This Video Will Make You Want to Ride a Bike in San Francisco!

Photo courtesy of

It may be chilly outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until September to hop on your bike and pedal to the beach. Ah, ironic San Francisco seasons!

Scenes of the City: Oakland's Bill Pickett Rodeo

It's summertime, and that means it's rodeo season. Get out your boots and hat, and head to your nearest fair.

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

Buster Posey ambushes Tim Lincecum

The 27 Padres who came up fruitless against Tim Lincecum on Saturday night in San Diego can attest that the rumors of Lincecum’s demise as a pitcher may have been a wee bit premature.

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