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How to Change a Flat Bike Tire: Tips from the Pros

On March 16, Presidio-based bike shop and team, Roaring Mouse Cycling, will be hosting an advanced class on fixing flat tires. They’ll teach tips from the pros on how to change it faster and more efficiently so you’re off and pedaling in just a few minutes.

But most of us aren't ready for pro tips yet. We need basics.

One is the Loneliest Number When it Comes to Weight Loss. Here’s Why.

Jumpstart MD

It's already February. Have you shed all those holiday pounds? Especially this month, many believe life is sweeter when shared with someone special–we're talking about a sweetheart, a friend, or battle buddy. JumpstartMD, the largest Bay Area medical practice dedicated to weight management, helps thousands of men and women meet their weight loss goals, so they know pairs and couples on the program start out with an edge. What do pairs have that individuals don't?

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Now

All is right in the world again: Baseball is back.

Well, almost.

Both local favorites, the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s, reported to Spring Training this week to mark the official beginning to baseball season and an all-important step to erasing the game that shall not be mentioned from the minds of the Bay Area.

Payam Rajabi (The Verizon Ad Cyclist) on Love and Long Distance

Originally published as part of My SF on Huffington Post SF

Payam Rajabi became a San Francisco celebrity and the envy of every Bay Area bachelor last month when he was featured in a Verizon ad for the Love Cycle Droid Razr M. The adorable commercial followed his efforts to bike a heart-shaped path around the city. The story was inspired by Rajabi's own Valentine's Day gift to his girlfriend the year before.

What You Need to Know About Bay Area Sports Right Now

Tim Lincecum

Is the Super Bowl-related hangover really that bad, or is hair actually one of the week’s dominating sports stories in the Bay Area?

The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride: Sweeney Ridge

Sweeney Ridge Map

Today’s ride will be a test of your climbing legs as we venture to the top of one of the more little known areas of the GGNRA in San Mateo county, Sweeney Ridge. Although it has been immortalized in one of the many iconic posters from the Parks Conservancy, it gets nowhere near the visitors other areas of the park receive.

Valentine's Day Private Pilates

My pilates teacher, Karii Rürup-Coleman, once said, "Couples who work out together, stay together." And for that she's offering a private duet pilates session for you and your sweetie in lieu of the usual Valentine's Day cheese.

Meet Kirk Lombard, Sea Forager

Kirk Lombard

Follow your gut, and who knows where you’ll end up. If you’re anything like Kirk Lombard, your happy place might be between the tides in an underwater raw bar of sorts—host to bounties of moon snails, mussels, monkeyface eels, and horse neck, jackknife, and piddock clams, all ripe for the plucking.

In Case You Missed the Super Bowl

That bitter taste left in the mouths of Bay Area folk will forever be accompanied by an image of an irate, hatless Jim Harbaugh pleading at an official for a holding call.

Instead, the San Francisco 49ers’ quest for a sixth Super Bowl triumph ultimately ended in a 34-31 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens on the controversial fourth-down play, which saw plenty of contact between Baltimore’s Jimmy Smith and San Francisco’s Michael Crabtree. 

Super Bowl 2013 Prep: 49ers Players to Know

The epic year for San Francisco sports continues! If the 49ers succeed this Sunday, they'll become the second team in NFL history with 6 Super Bowl wins (sharing the honor with the Steelers). The 49ers have never been to a Super Bowl and lost (knock on wood!), so that's pretty exciting.

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