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Meet Kirk Lombard, Sea Forager

Kirk Lombard

Follow your gut, and who knows where you’ll end up. If you’re anything like Kirk Lombard, your happy place might be between the tides in an underwater raw bar of sorts—host to bounties of moon snails, mussels, monkeyface eels, and horse neck, jackknife, and piddock clams, all ripe for the plucking.

In Case You Missed the Super Bowl

That bitter taste left in the mouths of Bay Area folk will forever be accompanied by an image of an irate, hatless Jim Harbaugh pleading at an official for a holding call.

Instead, the San Francisco 49ers’ quest for a sixth Super Bowl triumph ultimately ended in a 34-31 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens on the controversial fourth-down play, which saw plenty of contact between Baltimore’s Jimmy Smith and San Francisco’s Michael Crabtree. 

Super Bowl 2013 Prep: 49ers Players to Know

The epic year for San Francisco sports continues! If the 49ers succeed this Sunday, they'll become the second team in NFL history with 6 Super Bowl wins (sharing the honor with the Steelers). The 49ers have never been to a Super Bowl and lost (knock on wood!), so that's pretty exciting.

Scenes of the City: Exploring Mission Creek's Houseboats

You don't have to travel to Sausalito to be privy to a houseboat community. Most people don't realize that one exists within San Francisco.

What You Need to Know About Bay Area Sports Right Now

San Francisco 49ers

The world of Bay Area sports can be a whirlwind–unless you have someone to take you by the hand and show the way. That's where Sean Swaby comes in–every week, he'll highlight all the most important things going down on the local sports scene.

Ultimate Sunday Hike: Tennessee Valley Trail

As one of more the popular hikes in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, this lovely 1.9 mile stroll down to Tennessee Cove makes for a great family hike. I find it pretty special that you can drive 15 minutes north of San Francisco, step out of your vehicle and within a matter of 100 yards escape to a virtual wilderness area, with few indications of civilization.

We Love the Golden State Warriors, and Here's Why You Should Too

It's been a banner year for San Francisco sports. With the Giants winning their second World Series in three years and the 49ers going for their 6th Super Bowl title, it's easy to forget about the Golden State Warriors. 

Six Spots to Soak Up the Sun in SF

Great lawn of the SF Botanical Garden

Enough with this cold weather, have you seen the weather report for this weekend? The temperature is rising back up to a very normal 64. This is the one point in the year when San Francisco is finally warmer than the surrounding ‘burbs, so we suggest you head on over here and soak up the sun in these sure-to-be-sunshiny spots (the rule of thumb is pick a south-facing locale):

Bike to the Theater Nights with ACT and the SF Bike Coalition

4,000 Miles at A.C.T.

This month, the American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition are teaming up for two special “Bike to the Theater” nights. On January 17 and January 24, pedal-powered theatergoers will be treated to discount tickets (starting at just $10) to the show, and red carpet treatment in the form of bike valet at the event.

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