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The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride: Horseshoe Meadows

Horseshoe Map

Every two weeks, the Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride attempts to bring to you an interesting, challenging or scenic cycling adventure in the Bay Area and Northern California. This week’s ride combines all three of those elements at their extreme and the ride can, without hyperbole, be consider the quintessential Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride.

Local Cyclist Rides SF Giants Logo Across the City

SF Giants Bike Ride

For most of us, Giants fever means drinking a few more beers at a bar you wouldn’t normally be caught dead at, and doing shots with strangers for every Orange and Black run. (Eight runs! How you feeling this morning?).

Scenes of the City: Fort Funston

Tall sandy bluffs, barren beaches, and consistently stellar hang-gliding are the key features of beautiful Fort Funston. Hugging the southwest corner of San Francisco's windswept coastline, this protected area includes the last remnants of the sand dune ecosystem that used to blanket the western half of our city.

World-Class BMX, Motocross and Skateboarders Converge on City Hall This Weekend

City Hall has been transformed. Not necessarily the institution, but certainly the lawn—at least through this weekend. The extreme sports event Dew Tour just rolled into town and turned Civic Center Plaza into a big-tricks BMX dirt track and epic skate park playground.

The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride: Hicks Valley Loop

Hick Valley Map

This nearly thirty six-mile loop through northeast Marin can satisfy the needs of a variety of cyclists. Just completed a century or long road race? Then this mellow cruise to Nicasio via the Hicks Valley makes a great recovery ride. Are you a beginning cyclist looking for something slightly more challenging? Once again, just what the spin doctor ordered. Want a leisurely ride in the country with a couple of great spots to have lunch? Right this way.

Tonight! Bands and Beer Specials to Support Better Biking

Tunes 4 Tubes

Bike loving music fans, you don’t have to wait until the next Hardly Strictly Bluegrass to pedal your way to some sweet San Francisco tunes. Just head down Valencia Street tonight to 780 Café for a fun night of music with fellow bike-lovers.

Two Sense: My Wife Won't Stop Telling Me How Much Weight I've Gained

Exercise Couples

What do you say about people who comment on their partner's weight? My wife has taken several chances to remind me recently that I've gained about 20 pounds since we got married a few years ago. It's not like I'm obese, and it's also not that I'm unhealthy. I work out regularly, eat a fairly good diet, consume about a dozen drinks/beers a week. I'm in my early 40s and I attribute the gain mostly to my metabolism slowing down and, frankly, her amazing home cooking. But come on—20 pounds isn't all that much, so why is she ragging on me? I want to come right out and ask her if I'm unattractive to her because she's usually not the nagging type. And I feel like if the situation were reversed, she'd go running to her girlfriends telling them what a beast I am for calling her "fat." What should I do?

Win a Three-Month Weight Loss Package from JumpstartMD on Facebook!

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Scenes of the City: America's Cup Fleet Race Finals

America's Cup 2012 came to a close Sunday afternoon with a fleet race round the Bay. After a dramatic finish, Oracles Jimmy Spithill came away with the win.

Ride Your Bike This Weekend—Seriously!

This weekend is epically busy in San Francisco. With Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Fleet Week, America’s Cup races, Giants Playoff games and a 49ers home game, and a variety of other local festivities, our city’s streets and transit are going to be bursting at the seams.  

So what’s the best way to avoid all of that mess? Get on a bike!

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