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Ultimate Sunday Hike: Dog Walking the Oakwood Valley Trail

Oakwood Valley trail

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area's Oakwood Valley is a perfect hiking spot for a variety of users. Easily accessible from both San Francisco and Marin, the secluded 1.5-mile loop combines a fire road and trail, and passes through mighty eucalyptus groves, verdant meadows, as well as strands of bay laurel and oak interspersed with lush ferns.

Waterslides, Boating, Hiking, and Sunshine Await at Bullard's Bar

Where are you going for Memorial Day weekend? For this week's Scenes of the City we spent last weekend scoping out a prime place for boating, hiking, water skiing, camping, fishing, and lots of California sunshine and scenery.

An Old-Is-New-Again Sport Comes to SF This Summer

The first recorded polo tournament was in 600 BC when the Turkomans beat the Persians in a public match. The Persians and the Mogul conquerors of India spread the game across the eastern world, and now it's finally making its way to modern-day San Francisco.

Watch Bob Burnquist Skate on a Floating Half-Pipe in the Middle of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe may be known for its crystal clear waters, boating voyages, and excellent hiking, but it's the gorgeous floating half-pipe in the middle of big blue that really made our jaws drop.

Cycle the Publeos Blancos of Southern Spain With Studio Velo

It's a simple recipe: Take some of the most beautiful mountain villages you can imagine, add some very untraveled roads traversing dramatic geology,  then toss in some of the best Iberian Jamón (ham) and the freshest frutas de mar (seafood) and stir to create a truly delicious Spanish cycling paella. 

Levi's Donates $100,000 and 3,700 Hours to Local Community

In case you ever doubted that your favorite pair of Levi's were built tough, consider this: nearly 1,000 Levi Strauss & Co. employees shoveled, planted, and generally got muddy on Wednesday for their 14th annual Community Day – and every single one them were in tried and true blue jeans. 

A Man Candy Moment: SF Giants Edition

With the Giants atop the National League West, and playing like the world champs of 2010 and 2012, all the chatter in the media is about Brandon Belt’s homers, Brandon Crawford’s extraordinary plays at short stop, the speed of Tim Lincecum’s fastball – and other such jockish preoccupations.

What no one in the media mentions, except in random unguarded moments, is the fact that they, as a team, are ridiculously, torridly, HOT.

Scenes of the City: Glen Canyon Park Gets a Big Makeover

For this week's Scenes of the City we visited one of the best parks in the city, Glen Canyon Park, and took a look at the new improvements.

Outdoor Wellness Programs in Wine Country

Don’t make a rookie mistake and sojourn in Wine Country with the sole purpose of imbibing. Fitness and wellness programs are springing up all over the area, giving oenophiles plenty of opportunities to remedy their indulgent intake of food and alcohol. Check out the classes below if your body needs a little repentance.

Where to Watch The Warriors in Game 6 of the Playoffs

Thursday night the entire Bay Area needs to be awash with blue and gold as the Golden State Warriors battle the LA Clippers for revenge, and what could potentially be the last time. If you're not already a fan, follow these tips for jumping on the bandwagon, and then head to one of these local bars to cheer on the home team.

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