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Artisan Pickles Delivered by Bike

Boozely’s, Artisan Pickles Delivered by Bike

Brad Koester has two loves: pickling and bicycling. And he managed to make a business combining the two. Koester is the owner, founder, chef, and bicycle delivery guy for Boozely’s Pickles.

Amgen Tour of California Comes Back to San Francisco

Amgen Tour of California is Back in San Francisco This Year


Cycling fans will be happy to know that the Amgen Tour of California is returning to San Francisco this year. Tour leaders released the map earlier this week, and San Francisco holds the second stage spot, meaning that on May 14 the peloton will be screaming its way through our city—albeit briefly—en route to Aptos.

Bike Messenger Service Delivers Anything, Anytime (Seriously!)

Bike Messenger Service Delivers Anything, Anytime - Including Little Star Pizza

Like a lot of bike messengers in the age of the Internet, Chas Christiansen found himself out of a job. But he wasn’t going to hang his head low and sadly pedal his fixie into the sunset. Instead, he started his own bike messenger service—TCB (Taking Care of Business), a deluxe courier service aimed at bringing you anything you want, any time of day.

Ten Petting Zoos for Bay Area Kids

Ten Petting Zoos for Bay Area Kids

This is our weekly guest-blog post from the moms behind Red Tricycle, a site that focuses on the "lighter side" of parenting. Every week, they'll be bringing us their picks of stuff to do around the Bay Area with kids.

Bikers, Get Your San Francisco Giants Cycling Jersey

San Francisco Giants Cycling Jersey

While the rest of the country may be celebrating some other Giants’ win (boo!), we in San Francisco know what it really means to have a winning Giants team. Our boys in black and orange report for their first workout in less than a month, which means it’s time to shake off the football blues and get excited for baseball. I found just the thing to lift my sports spirits (and encourage my biking obsession)—San Francisco Giants cycling jersey.

Great Changes to the Golden Gate Bridge Bike Path

Great Changes to the Golden Gate Bridge Bike Path

The Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 this year, and in honor of her three quarters of a century of standing strong, she’s getting a facelift, or rather a nice nip and tuck. Over the next few months, the Golden Gate Bridge will undergo some resurfacing, re-grading and mild design changes—all of which will make for better Bridge biking in the days to come.

Get Your Sandwich Fix Via Two Wheels with Banh Mi by Bike

Remember the good old days of Kozmo, where whatever your craving was would miraculously appear at your apartment door, in the arms of a sometimes smiling, often studly bicyclist? Well, Kozmo may have gone the way of other many other dot coms, but there’s a growing new movement of people delivering goods by bike. Among this pack of people pedaling their wares is Jessica Nguyen and her banh mi delivery service, Banh Mi Love You Long Time.

Best Beaches & Hangouts for Urban Wave Riders and Wannabes

December’s storms bring in excellent surf. Check out the best beaches in and around SF.

Finally, Bike Shoes You’ll Want to Wear Around Town

Gone are the days of awkwardly clanking your way into a café wearing clunky SPD bike shoes, spandex pants and oversize windbreakers. The days of dorky bike gear are over, and in their place, a highly stylized selection of urban bike wear, almost indistinguishable from the highly stylized street wear. And lucky for us, San Francisco is leading the way in hip new gear. Among the cadre of cool local bike designers are the husband-and-wife duo of DZR shoes.

Hipline Fitness & Belly Dance: Fight Club For Women

There is a place in Berkeley where women congregate and dance their asses off. What began as a belly dancing studio three years ago, is now a thumping, sweating, smiling mecca for women who want to let loose and get down. Hipline takes the fear out of exercise and puts the fun back in. Weekend classes book a week in advance, evening classes are illuminated by a disco ball and glow jewelry and Shimmy Pop Ninjas teach their hearts out.

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