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Go Whaleboating the Bay with the Embarcadero Rowing Club

For years, the Embarcadero Rowing Club, a 31 year-old club that specializes in the niche activity of whaleboat rowing, has been hosting recreational rows on Tuesdays and Sundays, free and open to the public.

The boats are more Captain Ahab than Winklevoss  — they're 26-foot whaleboats optimally made for 10 people: 8 rowers, a coxswain and a bowhook. They hearken to an era when hunting whales was acceptable sport, but now are used as part of an invigorating and novel team sport in the Bay Area.

SFBC Happy Hour!

There are only two Thursdays left in July, which means there are only two SFBC Happy Hours left! SFBC happy hour is like those magical hours at your favorite bar but instead of deals on booze in one palce, the SFBC pick a location along popular commutes each week and offers tasty treats, a free tire pumping, and deals at local businesses. This week's happy hour is at Fell and Masonic, so for those of you who regularly wiggle your way home to the Haight and beyond, this is your chance to catch some free stuff during your commute. Next week catch happy hour at Duboce Park. SFBC Happy hour runs from 5-7.

Scenes of the City: Kiteboarding and Windsurfing

This week's Scenes of the City chronicles the Crissy Field and Ocean Beach kiteboarders and windsurfers. To get into wind sports on the Bay, check out our guide here

  A kiteboarder passes in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

4 Ziplining Adventures Within 4 Hours of San Francisco

Bay Area urbanites are escaping to the forest to dangle from cable-thin ropes as they take death-defying, high-speed leaps into nothingness. And the scenery is pretty rockin’ too. From Wine Country to Gold Country, Tahoe to Santa Cruz, we’ve got a birds-eye view on the best ziplining adventures in Northern California.

Sonoma Canopy Tours

Where: Occidental, CA

Rappel Down the Grand Hyatt This Week (Seriously)

Thought last year's urban zip-line in Justin Herman Plaza was cool? Try rappelling 36 floors off of the Grand Hyatt rooftop, right down into Union Square. Seriously. This Friday and Saturday (July  22-23) you'll have the opportunity to do just that at Over the Edge, an adrenaline pumping fundraising adventure, benefiting the Special Olympics of Northern California. Last year, Over the Edge raised $100,000 and, this year, they're looking to seriously up that number.

Top 7 Takeaways from “The Franchise” Premiere

Like the good Giants fans we are, we caught the premiere of “The Franchise” last night, the Showtime series chronicling the ball club’s post-World Series season and its quest to hold on to the championship. For those of you who missed it, here are the highlights:
   1. Barry Zito is not bitter about the difficulties that have plagued his pitching the last few years. To the contrary, Zito appeared philosophical, humble, and team-oriented. This may be due to his yoga practice, which looked surprisingly elegant. Zito held a stoic Tree Pose while his trainer watched, balanced impressively in Natarajasana, and his Warrior II was expertly aligned.

Getting To Know Your Favorite Giant: Lou Seal

On June 8, 2011, the San Francisco Giants beat the Washington Nationals at AT&T Park, 3-1. Matt Cain pitched a complete game, and struck out 11. But otherwise, it was just another game for the reigning World Series champs.

Except for Joel Zimei. It was a pretty big day for him. You’ve probably never heard of Joel. Which is funny, because he is one of the most popular members of the Giants organization.

Since 1999, Joel has been the man behind Lou Seal, the loveable team mascot. Since he took the job 12 years ago, he has never missed a home game. Which meant that on June 8, Joel celebrated his 1000th consecutive home game as the Giants mascot, which is the longest-running streak amongst mascots in all of Major League Baseball.

Scenes of the City: Sunday Streets on the Great Highway

For this week's Scenes of the City we took a bicycle ride on the Sunday Streets route through Golden Gate Park and turned south to follow the Great Highway to Sloat Ave where the event terminated. The day was full of lots kids running around, fun music, dancing in the street and even a bit of sunshine. 

Learn How to Survive a Zombie Attack in Lower Haight This Week

Let’s face it, we live in a dangerous city. We have to contend with earthquakes, possible tsunamis, and those freaky liquifaction zones. Through the NERT program, the San Francisco Fire Department is doing a great job training us on what to do when disaster strikes. But there’s one thing they haven’t prepared us for: Zombies. 

Fear not, citizens of San Francisco, help is on the way. This Thursday, you can learn disaster survival skills (like building an emergency kit and finding safe drinking water), but you’ll also learn how to stab the undead through the heart. Did I mention it’s a game, with prizes, and there’s a party afterwards?

A Beginner's Guide to Bay Area Surfing

Summer's here and the Bay Area surf is...down. While that’s bad news for experienced local surfers, it’s great news for anyone interested in learning. In the Bay Area, summer is definitely the best time for beginners.

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