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Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

Ask anyone in Berkeley—the Super Bowl was actually on Saturday night.

At least that’s the story we’re running with, as opposed to those guys from the Pacific Northwest who apparently conquered all in resounding fashion.

The Ultimate Sunday Hike: Sonoma Valley Regional Park & Suttonfield Lake

Looking for a delightful winter hike in the woods? One you can do in the rain, without muddying up the hiking shoes?

Scenes of the City: Grandview Park

Grand View Park offers sweeping views of the city from downtown to the hills of Pacifica.

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

Well, now that the NFL is dead to most of the Bay Area, what is there to do? There’s a game next Sunday?

Twerking Around the City with Fitmob

After a few months of beta testing, local company Fitmob officially launched yesterday in San Francisco. The goal? To bring top fitness trainers together with the community for fun neighborhood workouts that get you out of the gym and on the city streets instead. It's a win-win proposition.

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

The dream’s over – to Seattle goes the spoils.

The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride: Riding the San Andreas Fault

Crystal Springs reservoir from the Sawyer Camp segment of the Crystal Springs Re

California is earthquake country - not exactly groundbreaking news - but the evidence is all around us in the Bay Area.

Local Guy Pedals His Proposal Around SF

Just how many calories does it take to ask someone to marry you? Seven hundred forty nine, if you’re Murphy Mack.

Get Fit With Cardio Dance and Fitness Classes at Rae Studios

If you're tired of the same cardio gym routine, head to Rae Studios for a fun, full body workout that will keep you coming back for more.

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

It always seemed inevitable that the 49ers’ quest to reach a second consecutive Super Bowl would go through Seattle.

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