Five Awesome Locally Brewed Beers, And What To Eat With Them


1) Nautilus from Pacific Brewing Laboratory

This crisp, refreshing Belgian-style saison belies its 5% alcohol level with an innocent-seeming rose color. The beer's flowery nose, and faint notes of tart hibiscus flower and ginger make a great pairing with vegetable-forward appetizers and spicier fare. 

Available at: St. Vincent, Delarosa

2) Our Daily (B)red from Linden Street Brewery 

A new take on Linden Street's "Red Roots Lager," Our Daily (B)red is brewed specifically for Bar Tartine, using yeast from Tartine bread. The resulting brew is a bit more sour than the more widely distributed lager. Chef Nick Balla also reduces the beer for use in his cult-followed blood sausage. 

Available at: exclusively at Bar Tartine

3) Hop Candi from Dying Vines

Unlike many of the overly hopped beers that are de rigueur today, Hop Candi smells sweet, leading into bitterness that's tamed by citrusy, toasty notes. This balanced beer holds up to the bolder flavors in smoked fish and hot peppers. 

Available at: Whole Foods' Steep Brew, Monk's Kettle

4) Biere de Mars from Almanac Beer Co.

Run by two brewers based out of San Francisco, Almanac pairs with different farms each quarter to create hyper-seasonal beers. Their current "farm to bottle" creation is a French-style ale made with baby fennel from Heirloom Organic Gardens in Hollister, creating a slight anise aftertaste that beautifully match spring peas, favas, and artichokes. 

Available at: Fat Angel

5) Cole Porter from Magnolia Brewing Co.

On the softer end for a chocolatey porter, Magnolia's Cole Porter has a touches of smoke, coffee, and oak that don't overpower the flavor profile, making it a drinkable, food-friendly brew. It goes great with barbeque...or chocolate cookies and ice cream. 

Available at: Magnolia Pub and Restaurant

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