Five GoPago Places to Pack Your Dolores Park Picnic


Why waste a sunny day waiting in line? Summer in San Francisco runs late, doesn’t last long and won’t wait for you. GoPago helps you save and savor your summer by skipping the line. Check out this list of top spots near Dolores Park where you can order and pay for your picnic through your phone.

A.G. Ferrari
Dining al fresco is something that the Italians have mastered and A.G. Ferrari has perfected purveying and creating some of the greatest Italian delicacies for more than 93 years. A.G. Ferrari in the Castro is the best picnic place, equipped with everything from Prosciutto di San Daniele sandwiches on focaccia to artichoke fritters to imported and domestic salami with fresh mozzarella.    

Pancho Villa
A burrito from Pancho Villa is the go-to food on the go in the Mission, as you get all of your food groups grouped together in a warm tortilla. Take your tinfoil cylinder to the park for a full meal for one. If you subscribe to the “sharing is caring” motto, pick up nachos. Through the app you can add toppings galore to your meal selection including avocado slices, garlic mushroom and everything from mild, hot, green or roasted salsa.

A sweet or savory crepe from Frjtz will make you feel like a European foreigner in the park. You might as well bring your beret as you fancily dip your Belgian fries into your choice of 21 different dipping sauces. Don’t forget napkins!

If you want a healthy picnic and don’t want to carry all the fresh produce a la Carmen Miranda, there is a great alternative. Drop by Frapez a few blocks away and you can get a great healthy smoothie with fruits, vegetables, boosters and more blended to perfection.

Pork Store Cafe
Dolores Park on a nice day gets packed so a breakfast picnic from the Pork Store is a great option for securing prime grassy real estate while filling your stomach. Eggs in a Tasty Nest will comfort you as much as breakfast in bed. Also, pigs are just so much happier wrapped in pillowy pancake blankets.

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