Flat Screens: Designer Foe or Untapped Creative Goldmine? Propeller Finds Out


Integrating a television into a home's decor has been the bane of many a designer's existence for probably as long as the device has been around, resulting in some interesting–and occasionally odd–attempts at concealment or beautification. We've all seen the repurposed bureau-turned-hiding-place and the flat-screen-above-the-mantel, but that's just the tip of the creative iceberg. Catch an episode of Cribs and you might spy a bedroom with what we like to call the "Late Night Creeper", aka a flat screen concealed in a chest at the foot of the bed that rises at the touch of a remote. Or what about the "Destinee's Special"? That would be a stripper pole with television attached that swivels any way you like (on stage now at the Hotel Frank)! Luckily, the good people at Propeller are attempting to put an end to the madness. They've asked three talented local designers to come up with a more functional, beautiful, and all around better place to put your tube. The designs will be unveiled this Thursday, October 29th at Propeller's store in Hayes Valley, and to celebrate there will be food, wine, and probably some rejoicing going on from 6 to 8PM. Stop by to get a glimpse at the wave of the future! Hopefully it doesn't involve anything with a pole.

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