Credentials: Chef/owner, Saison

News flash: 
Saison opens its new location on Townsend Street in SoMA

When did you first 
know you wanted to be a chef?
Maybe that time at summer camp, when we trapped a 
water moccasin and sautéed it.

What’s in your refrigerator?
Wine. Collard greens. Natto.

Favorite pairing?
Tea and ice cream.

If you weren’t a chef, you’d be...
Probably teaching martial arts or baking muffins. It’s all the rage these days.

Describe your 
kitchen persona in one word.

Customer pet peeves?
Unwillingness to try new things. I know your mom made you eat that last bite of broccoli, but come on kids!

Opening Saison in its new location. But getting two Michelin stars was up there.