Sigh. Taking down holiday decorations is such a bummer, but what can you do? The week between Christmas and New Years already feels like limbo, and that tree in the corner isn't helping anything. That said, getting rid of everything the day after all that celebratin' seems a tad harsh.

Maybe that's why we're digging Flowie's winter table textiles. The Bay Area design company's seasonal table runner and napkins come in deep red, blue, and brown, and could be the perfect transition pieces to go from festive holiday to well-dressed Tuesday–or any other day, for that matter.

If, instead, you prefer to get rid of holiday paraphernalia like a bandaid–right off!–then Flowie's other spring-like botanical prints (all of which are made from linen or cotton with water-based inks) might be a good way to ring in any signs of a warming trend. Peruse the full collection (including bags, clothes, and fabric) here.