Flying High in Sonoma


It’s easy to forget, but there’s more to Sonoma than just grapes. A touch over three miles off the town square there’s a special spot of shade. Set along a brook, among a grove of oak trees you’ll find picnic tables and a trapeze rig. You know the song, fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Move over Cirque du Soleil, you no longer have to run away from home to join the circus. You can just run to Sonoma.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be Superman to fly. There really aren’t physical limitations to learning the art of trapeze. TrapezePro owner and instructor, Marek Kaszuba has been teaching for almost 20 years. His youngest flyer was 16 months old, the oldest 88. Trust and good listening skills practically insure you can fly high. Something often easier said than done when you’re 22 feet in the air.

Kaszuba loves when parents take the leap. “It’s a reminder of going into the unknown,” he says. 

TrapezePro classes for beginners are typically held on the weekends. They average seven to ten students and last about two hours. You’ll learn some basics on the ground, and do a little practice on a trapeze bar jumping distance from terra firma. The adrenaline truly starts pumping as you reach new heights.

“Start climbing the ladder of death.. destiny I mean,” said Kaszuba to one teen flyer as she headed 20-plus feet into the air.

There are plenty of screams as folks jump off the platform for the first time. But the screams are quickly replaced by smiles. The teachers are impressive and you just might be amazed at what you can do. Hesitation and any uneasiness quickly disappear when many flyers realize they too are able to do back flips off the trapeze bar into the bouncy safety net below. Instructors talk to every student when they land in the safety net, pointing out what they did well and what they should work on during their next flight.

If you’re deathly afraid of heights, this probably isn’t the thing for you, but the entire class is taught with a safety net and harness system. You faced bigger dangers on that backyard trampoline you bounced around on as a kid.

Kaszuba and his instructors have a knack for keeping flyers relaxed and even entertained as they’re soaring at new heights. After one flyer deep in concentration, successfully pulled her knees over the trapeze bar for the first time, Kaszuba said, “now I need you to sing the National Anthem.”

Classes are $40 per person. When you gather a group and go, take advantage of those picnic tables I mentioned. It’s not uncommon for folks to pack a picnic and they’re favorite bottle of wine. Even Fido can come along and watch as you swing in the shade. Believe it or not, Kaszuba’s even had man’s best friend take flight. He says the flying went fine, but the canine didn’t much like landing on the safety net.

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