Take a cab ride across the the southern end of the city, and you may notice that the streets get a little curvier; dappled sunlight peeks through large oaks above and, as if on cue, the houses grow a tad bigger. Have you stumbled into suburbia in the middle of a metropolis? Close. You've just found your way to Forest Hill, the tony neighborhood just south of the Sunset but light years away from nearby city hamlets.

If you've ever daydreamed of setting up shop here, now might be your chance - Curiosity Shoppe blog Smarts and Crafts just pointed out this beauty currently on sale in the neighborhood for a cool 2.2 mil. The home was built by noted Bay Area architect Bernard Maybeck (the man behind the Palace of Fine Arts), so it should come as little surprise that there are a few grand gestures (hello, ceiling) to be found. But tempered with the home's Craftsman-style roots, those Gothic influences hit just the right dramatic note while still feeling like homey. Well, as home-like as about 4,000 square feet could feel, of course. For a whole mess of photos, click here.