Proving the distance between rural Virginia and San Francisco is much farther than can be expressed in mere mileage, Forever Never Comes is a lively ode to playwright Enrique Urueta's hometown. It's also a darkly funny love story - a young trans man loves a young woman, but their romantic arc is complicated by her nightmares about her brother's death and then complicated more when she strikes a deal with an otherworldly creature who isn't forgiving of debts. Urueta calls it "a psycho-southern queer country dance tragedy," and really, how can you improve on a label like that? (Note: you can't.)

Director Mary Guzman, internationally renowned for her fresh and arresting treatment of queer identity, says, “Enrique’s writing is immediate, sexy, and fierce. This play’s characters and themes tap directly into the pulse of the queer movement right now, offering a poignant and complex portrait of what it means to be gay or transgender in America.”

Through June 26 at Boxcar Playhouse, 505 Natoma St. Tickets at or 415-255-7846.