Forget Naughty or Nice, Here is the Sweet and Savory List


‘Tis the season for making lists, checking them twice, and finding out who’s been naughty or nice. Before you start judging your fellow man, we recommend that you indulge in a list that includes only the best sweet and savory dishes in San Francisco. This classic culinary combo packs a punch that lights up your taste buds as brilliantly as candles in a menorah or the Tom and Jerry house in the Castro, so eat up for goodness sake.

Soul Groove: The Chicken Fried Soul

Chicken and waffles were brought together to create the perfect late night meal: not quite dinner and not quite breakfast. Fast forward many years later and the fine folks at Soul Groove perfected the plate by making a sandwich out of it. The soul comes from chicken breast that is wrapped in bacon, dipped in buttermilk batter and sandwiched between two maple waffles. And it’s all topped off with jalapeno coleslaw and a dab of maple barbecue sauce.

El Nuevo Fruitlandia: Mofongo Vegetariano

What San Francisco lacks in Puerto Rican restaurant options, it makes up for in the mofongo at El Nuevo Fruitlandia. The vegetarian variety of this dish has mashed fried plantains mixed with a lot of garlic that lead to a flavor explosion in the mouth. The mound of mofongo is paired with broth, black or pink beans, rice and either soup or salad.

L’Acajou Bakery and Cafe: Salted Dark Chocolate Cookie with Peanut Butter Pretzels

Salted chocolate chip cookies are for amateurs. For an upgraded version, head to L’Acajou, (where all of the cookies shine) but the one with salted dark chocolate and peanut butter pretzels truly sparkles. Pretzels, peanut butter and chocolate are already a phenomenal combination, add that to a cookie and sprinkle salt for the proverbial cherry on top.

Green Chile Kitchen: Green Chile Apple Pie

What’s more American than apple pie? An apple pie that unites New Mexican green chilies, walnut streusel and a (Vermont?) cheddar cheese crust. A pie with sweet, heat and savory cheese baked into the crust (relax, not the Pizza Hut variety) makes you want to really dig in, not like Jason Biggs in American Pie. Green Chili Kitchen is also slicing up a brand new maple walnut pie with bacon crust.

Blue Fog Market: Sopressata Bocadito

A simple salami and cheese sandwich doesn’t make the cut for our sweet and savory test, but thankfully, the Blue Fog Sopressata Bocadito is not ordinary. The sandwich features dry Italian salami, smooth cream cheese and sweetened up with drops of Savannah bee acacia honey.

In an effort to simultaneously satisfy your sweet and savory tooth more efficiently, every dish on this list can be ordered with a few taps on your smartphone. Share your favorite sweet and savory dish in the comment section below or with GoPago on Facebook and Twitter for your chance to win a $5 credit.

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