Four Wine Apps to Take for a Swirl


Because both the world of wine and the world of wine apps can be overwhelming, we’ve asked Napa-based social media and tech gurus of the wine world, VinTank, to recommend a few of their favorite new apps that were both released in 2012 and which they expect to continue to be useful well into 2013.

Vivino: Vivino promises that you will never forget another wine, which, after a few glasses can be a real problem. All you have to remember to do is take a picture with your phone through the app, rate it if you like it, and Vivino will store it in your wine library. If the wine is in their database (which is growing all the time, thanks to users' contributions) it will also give you some info on the region, the grape and producer.

Delectable: Founded in SF, this app does all of the above and allows you to find and purchase the wine you previously enjoyed so much. But what users appreciate most about Delectable is that it also allows you to connect to family and friends and follow other wine drinkers you admire to see what they recommend. It also allows you to comment on the wines those in your community are drinking–because what is wine without conversation?

Drync: This app tracks wines that are top-rated (including ratings from professional critics) and popular, and also makes recommendations a la Netflix (people who liked the 2005 Rutherford Hill Cabernet Franc also apparently liked a 2000 Barberesco, for example). This too seems like a feature that will become more accurate the more people use it. Drync also allows you to view and manage your virtual cellar from their website. Boasting the most robust database by far — thanks to its connection with Cellar Tracker and Wine Searcher — is most useful for finding info about wine when you are trying to make a purchasing decision rather than having a conversation about it afterwards. It has also been recommended for serious collectors, especially those who already use Cellar Tracker.

What's your favorite wine app?

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