Freelance Whales and Shout Out Louds @ Great American


It's hard not to have a good time at The Great American Music Hall. Every single band I've ever seen there has stopped mid-show to comment on the remarkable (and well-kept) hand-detailed carpentry on the interior. That being said, the perfection sometimes stops there.

Stoked on seeing Williamsburg's (translate: Brooklyn's) Freelance Whales in the flesh, accompanying parties, neighbors, and I couldn't help but notice some pretty apparent imperfections. Massive reverb, mic turned way down low, and bass turned up way too high sorta kinda got in the way of their brilliant talent. We were somewhat transfixed on the flaws through some of their best songs, "Location," "Starring," and "Kilojoules" being some of them. About mid-way through the set, someone must have slapped the sound guy or something because the levels were magically adjusted. Just in time for the ever-so popular "Generator (First Floor)," and "The Great Estates." Sound issues aside, Freelance Whales have been on everyone's "Top Band To Watch" lists, and they whole-heartedly deserve to be there. Their sweet disposition and genuine talent is very promising.

A completely packed crowd of Shout Out Louds enthusiasts crammed like sardines into the center of Great American's floor. As expected, the Swedish quintet pumped out near-perfect emotionally distraught indie-pop ballads. Even with a stand-in bassist (Ted Malmros just had a baby. Congrats!), the recently re-united group seemed more meshed than ever before.

Hungry to hear some for yourself? Both Freelance Whales and Shout Out Louds are giving away FREE downloads, including a Passion Pit remix of "Fall Hard." To check it out, click through to here. Also, check out what Judah Dadone had to say when we sat down with him a few weeks ago.


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