I’m not sure what’s going on with our weather here, but I’d venture to say that I’m cold about 75% of the day (which comes to about 18 hours, six of which are in bed under lots of covers). I’ve come to accept bundling up when I go outside, but I draw the line at wearing full wintertime gear—a hat, scarf and jacket—when sitting at a table at any given SF restaurant. That’s why I’m echoing Sara D.’s plea in Open-Door Policy:


Lately I’ve come to choose my dining spots based on warmth. Osha on Union? Too cold. Ditto for Citizen Thai and the Monkey (note: they’re changing ownership as of this week). At this point, I want to sit where there’s fire. So Friday night, on the way to the new Sundance Kabuki Theaters in Japantown (I highly recommend it—you can reserve your seats ahead of time), we decided to eat at Juban, where there’s a grill (hence, fire) at every occupied table. Not only was it tons of fun to fire up loads of veggies and meat without having to clean up afterwards; but also it was warm!

What other well-heated restaurants are out there? What are the icebox ones to avoid? Send me your suggestions…before I turn into an icicle.