Fresh Faces in Fashion Fete


photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion 2007 went all out with its kick-off show to SF Fashion Week, hosting both a VIP reception—before folks amassed to watch models strut their stuff down the catwalk—and an after-party all at the Regency Center.

Clara Shieh_Otto Chan Cheryl Gentry_Kara Saun Brittany Barr_Laura Mazotti
Clara Shieh, Otto Chan            Cheryl Gentry, Kara Saun           Brittany Barr, Laura Mazotti

Marta Koetke_Alyssa Ure Lauren and Josh Podoll Marie-Christine Kollock_Cyril Kollock
Marta Koetke, Alyssa Ure          Lauren & Josh Podoll                 Marie-Christine & Cyril Kollock

Amanda Sammann_Erik Noland Allison Gooch_Johnson Chiu Diana Rayzman_Elyssa Thorp
Amanda Samman, Erik Noland Allison Gooch, Johnson Chiu Diana Rayzman, Elyssa Thorp

Kevin Levesque_Rati Sahi Jenny Georges_Phillip Gums Joseph Thompson_Kenneth Roebuck
Kevin Levesque, Rati Sahi   Jenny Georges, Phillip Gums Joseph Thompson, Kenneth Roebuck

Eddie and Maria Sassin Dexter Cabellon_Steve Campos  Cyril Kollock_Alyssa Ghessi
Eddie & Maria Sassin                Dexter Cabellon, Steve Campos  Cyril Kollock, Alyssa Ghessi

Tina Calhoun_Diana Westnedge Tim Gaskin_Ashley Armstrong Talia Fittante_Igor Borovac
Tina Calhoun, Diana Westnedge  Tim Gaskin, Ashley Armstrong  Talia Fittante, Igor Borovac

Mostofizadeh_VonTellrop_Mostofizadeh Photo Booth Gen Art
Heather Mostofizadeh, Alec Von Tellrop, Kendall Mostofizadeh

Pelz_Fichelson_Economidis Matty Merrill_Distilled Model
Christiane Pelz, Justin Fichelson, Roberta Economodis  Matty Merrill, model in Distilled

Minkoff_Pierce_Hutchin Mary Ossovskaya_Ari Kader
Steve Minkoff, Charleston Pierce, Callum Hutchin   Mary Ossovskaya, Ari Kader

Park_Abbott_Kaufman Dana Castro_Clarissa Nicosia
Lisa Park, Candace Abbott, Hayley E. Kaufman        Dana Castro, Clarissa Nicosia

Clay_Janezic_Paty Nina Tiari_David Mohammadi
Ariel Clay, Michele Janezic, Jasmine Paty               Nina Tiari, David Mohammadi

Calhoun_Hoag_Westnedge Asha Poving_Brian Bosserman
Tina Calhoun, Andrew Hoag, Diana Westnedge    Asha Poving, Brian Bosserman

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