Friday: Big Night


It’s Friday. Got plans? Lately I’ve been so utterly consumed with the business of getting through the work week that Friday arrives and I haven’t made a single plan. No dinner reservations. No dates with friends. Nothing on the books. A few weeks back, this lack of planning resulted in an epic wait at Beretta. Be advised. So normally I either spend the entire evening at home or venture out for an early drink at my local watering hole (the Latin American Club, for the curious) before calling it a night.

But before I go getting all woe is me, let me say this: I like it this way. Friday nights are tired nights, lazy nights. Rather than see Fridays as the beginning of the weekend, I tend to see them as the end of the week. So if I’m going to do anything, I need it to be a gentle transition from working to not.

All of this is just a whole lot of build-up to tell you what you should do tonight, if you’re anything like me: Grab a blanket or some chairs and head over to Charles Chocolates in Emeryville. Tonight, at 9 p.m., they’ll be showing Big Night, that classic movie about two Italian brothers, Primo and Secondo, who set out to save their restaurant with an elaborate one-night benefit—their Big Night.

The screening is free and they’ll be handing out (free!) caramel corn.

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