As we close in on the end of the week, I’ve found a new way to waste time. You can thank me later. A friend just sent me a link to, a website that features nothing but pictures of refrigerators from around the world and their contents. You could submit a photo of your own fridge; there’s even a spot to leave a brief manifesto on the contents. I only wish the people submitting images were a bit better at IDing their items—the American fridges are easy, of course (though I must admit I had forgotten about the existence of Juicy Juice), but I’m stumped when it comes to the fridges of Sweden, Kenya, Amsterdam. What are all those mysterious condiments? In the coming weeks, I’ll expect to see an upswing in the number of San Francisco fridges.

How can I say it any better than Enzo, from Bologna, who submitted a photo of his fridge along with this note:

“Fridge? Is a piece of life. You can find everything you want; except when you’re angry.”