Senior editor Schuyler Bailey, who mows her way around town for the sake of the Eat + Drink section, is hungry. Here's what she's hankering for this month.

1. Furikake Fries at Fog City

When a hangover strikes, there is nothing like the furikake fries for lunch at Fog City (pictured above). Umami plus grease equals sweet relief. 

2. Raw Kale Salad at Heyday

When I need greens, I get my fix with the raw kale salad, complete with toasted seeds and yogurt-avocado dressing, at Heyday.

3. Catch of the Day at Heirloom Cafe

The atmosphere alone is enough to get me into Heirloom Café, but the catch of the day is always inspired.

4. Toasted Chia at San Franola Granola 

San Franola Granola’s toasted chia—one of five delectable new flavors—is a nutty treat. It’s no surprise the brand is now available at Safeway and Whole Foods.

5. Polo Cup at Tosca Cafe 

When I’m not in the mood for a house cappuccino, the polo cup at Tosca Cafe is just the ticket.

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