From SF to Silicon Valley: Tacolicious and Pizzeria Delfina Go South


One sure sign that the economy is looking up: San Francisco’s most popular restaurant eateries are giving a slice of business to Silicon Valley and adding new locations after keeping within the confines of the City for so long. 

The pizza wait is officially on for downtown Burlingame: Pizzeria Delfina head Annie Stoll confirmed via telephone interview that she and husband Craig Stoll will “definitely open in October or November. We love Burlingame and are excited to go outside the city.” Their realtor found the location and Envelope A+D is their architectural firm, who will keep the same design elements from the original outposts. The Stolls are currently collecting artists’ names for a mural project for the space, which is in keeping with the way pizza places in Naples are set up. Some of their own current (and decidedly creative) employees have even submitted their work for consideration. Austin Ferguson, Director of Operations at Locanda, will take a management role in the sunny 650. Stoll said there will be an upstairs area with twenty seats that can possibly be used for private business meetings—ideal for those meetings that feel like a NDA is in order. A more public meal space can easily be had in 25 “absolutely gorgeous” patio seats outside—ideal for weather that is decidedly more fair and mild than SF's (even this week!).

Tacolicious, meanwhile, just opened in Palo Alto (632 Emerson Street @ Hamilton Avenue) earlier this year. Back when I was living the swingin’ single dot-com dream in a co-ed, ginormous Palo Alto home with nine other folks, Rudy’s used to be our divey “home away from home” when we weren’t working or traveling. Strolling over to Tacolicious would’ve easily grabbed our attention, what with so many tequilas all lined up so pretty–all the better paired with killer T-Lish guajillo chile beef braised tacos (for me), albacore “contra mar-style” tuna tostada (for the pescatarians) or three of each (for the hungry male party animals in our crew). Tacolicious’ owner Joe Hargrave has replicated his winning formula of upscale taqueria eats with a deep cocktail and tequila list inspired by travels that include Mexico City. Guacamole is made to order, and other musts include the rotating menu of tacos, or line caught ono and leche de Tigre ceviche de pescado.

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