On Thursday, August 14, guests celebrated the photography of John F. Martin. The sneak preview showcased a series of the artist's work with the San Francisco Opera. The exhibit is a glimpse backstage where you can see the performers’ onstage makeup, costumes and facial expressions up close and personal.

Sarah Grotta, Frank Alizaga, Jr.

Richard Habib, Michael Thompson

Princess Robin Farmanfarmaian, Jane Burkhard

Richard Glass, Katya Rascovsky, Zane McIntosh

Krista Mitzel Hankinson, Damian Inglin, Kathryn Pellegrini Inglin

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Theresa Jeter, Jo Wallace

Adam Arthur Bier, Jane Burkhard, Kurt Burkhard

Lee Still, Michael Thompson

guest, Lee Still, Harudo Yoshida, John F. Martin

Dr. Bruce Woodward, Dr. Allison Goodwin

Jane Fray, Saudhi Perez

Liz Hill, Jaime Jensen, Jennifer Held

Megan Granite, Max Mendenhall

Serena Johnson, Julien Gervreau

Wendy Armstrong, Jackie Chimera, Kierre Greenwood