Lavender Diamond’s lead singer Becky Stark has a raw quality to her voice reminiscent of that song bird you may or may not have ever had outside your window (but for the sake of this comparison could imagine having)—one that has the capacity to both move and annoy you. It was that insistent, clear-as-a-bell (yet also off-key) quality that had me instantly addicted to her song “You Broke My Heart” off the band’s Calvalry of Light EP. It’s just so true—and not in a factually honest kind of way (though I’m sure it’s that too)—but in that the subtle cracks in her voice actually sound like heartbreak. It also had my coworkers running to skip to the next track on my iPod. Not for everyone, apparently. The folk outfit’s pairing with the Watson Twins, however, is pretty genius as far as crowd pleasers go—because if anyone is pitch perfect, it’s those two Jenny Lewis cohorts. Whether you’re there for the diamond or the opening act’s polish, the May 19 show at the Independent (part of the Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival) aims to please.