photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Gen Art's IGNITION!showcasing emerging music and performance artists in the Bay Areadebuted last week at Mezzanine. On the main stage, local bands The Heavenly States, the first rock band to play Libya and Magic Bullets, recently featured 7x7's Hot 20 Under 40, will perform. Local DJs included Franky Boissy, David Harness, M3, Seven and Masonic.

Tyler Surek_Nicole Frank Kelly Kate_Lia Khayami Ryan Osleger_Sara Mahoney
Tyler Surek, Nicole Frank             Kelly Kate, Lia Khayami             Ryan Osleger, Sara Mahoney

Tom Scott_Nancy Kesio Homan Emami_Steve Minkoff Aubra Lazear_Andrea Glick
Tom Scott, Nancy Kesio              Homan Emami, Steve Minkoff     Aubra Lazear, Andrea Glick

Manansala_Verrieres_DaSilva Matt Wise_Jacob Beverage
Lawrence Manansala, Stephanie Verrieres, Bacca Da Silva       Matt Wise, Jacob Beverage

Magic Bullets Katherine Farkas_Shelley Costantini
Magic Bullets                                                                                 Katherine Farkas, Shelley Costantini

Jami Witek_Jason Vickers_Beth Sadler Robin Santos_Yetunde Schuhmann
Jami Witek, Jason Vickers, Beth Sadler                                     Robin Santos, Yetunde Schuhmann

Brennan Cox_Scott Mayfield Autumn Feldmeier_Leslie Lum
Brennan Cox, Scott Mayfield                                                              Autumn Feldmeier, Leslie Lum

The Heavenly States
The Heavenly States

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