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Nothing gets a message across quite like a T-shirt. Whether you wear one with a political message or to promote green living, to broadcast your impeccable musical taste or love of designer threads, T-shirts these days are turning their wearer into a stylish walking billboard. Besides giving devoted tabloid-crazed fans a platform to root for their favorite star in clothing form (with “Free Paris” or “Team Aniston” scrawled across their chest), this expressive T-shirt trend has been the most beneficial for artists who want their creative point-of-view to reach a wider audience. This wearable art form is growing in popularity, with more and more graphic artists lending their designs to edgy street fashion. With many creative-types struggling to get their work out there, the Tendernob-based Space Gallery is holding its third annual Graphic Content T-Shirt Exhibit where local artists create T-shirts with their unique vision–whether it be screen-printed, embroidered, painted–and sell them to the public. The prices range from anywhere between $1 to $100 and 90 percent of the profit goes to the artist. Come check out the reception on Friday August 24, and enjoy tunes courtesy of DJ Centipede while you shop for one-of-a-kind T-shirts and help support local artists in the process. Looking stylish never felt so good.

Graphic Content T-Shirt Exhibit
Space Gallery 1141 Polk St., 415-377-3325
Exhibit runs from August 20 -27
Reception: Friday, August 24 7 p.m. till late
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