It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of this magazine—Food + Sex just released its premiere issue, a thin little volume with a collage-y design and a juicy collection of essays. Ever wondered about worm sex? Want a recipe for human-incubated yogurt? It's in there. This, gleaned from the "About Us" section of their facebook page, pretty much says it all, while simultaneously not making any sense: "By weaving erotic, shocking and thoughtful layers of beauty, wildness and the human spirit, we peer into the fire of hope and fear to find the hidden, seek the cosmic and reflect on the elemental connectedness in life that opens us to new ways of being."

Over here at 7x7 we're well-versed in peering into the fire of hope and fear to find the hidden (news flash: not recommended for the squeamish), and are not sure it's the best business plan for a fledgling publishing endeavor, but yet we can't help but commend their pluck and determination. Shine on Food + Sex, shine on. To preview this issue, click here.