Get Out: Full Moon Edition


There's a full moon coming up later this week—on Thursday, May 27, to be precise—and, in keeping with traditions that date back to ancient civilizations and cultures, the Bay Area is playing host to a few full-moon events that reinforce the kumbaya connection with the outdoors. Even if you're not influenced by lunar phases, some nighttime nature exploration is bound to alleviate something—a bad mood, a little cabin fever, lower back pain...whatever. Just get out there and let the moon illuminate your adventures.

First up, a twilight hike at Calabazas Creek Open Space Preserve in Glen Ellen. Historical ecologist Arthur Dawson will lead an intermediate/advanced hike under the stars through ferns, oaks, redwoods and grasslands. Pack a light dinner picnic and let Dawson's lunar lore be your blanketside entertainment.

Next, a moonlit exploration in the East Bay of the mysterious rocky outcroppings known as Vasco Caves. You'll get to creep around the caverns, home to endangered red-legged frogs, tiger salamanders and fairy shrimp, during this 2-3 mile guided hike. Call 888-327-2757 to reserve your spot.

Last, San Francisco-based Sailing Education Adventures will hold a Full Flower Moon Sail (named for the abundant flowers in May; also known as the Full Corn Planting Moon) on Friday, around the Bay. Contact for more information. In light of the recent sailing tragedy off Ocean Beach, here's hoping the weather cooperates for this boating adventure. (Quick! Someone do a no-treacherous-winds dance!)

Safe and happy full-moon adventures to all!



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