Do you dream of being a contestant on The Amazing Race? Do your friends applaud you for your panache at Jeopardy and speed in completing particularly challenging Sudoku puzzles? Then this one's for you.

On May 16, the Great Urban Race will roll into San Francisco, and teams of two will have the chance to participate in a citywide adventure of extreme proportions. It's quite simple really: you're given 12 clues--some mental tasks, other physical challenges that get progressively more challenging as the day advances, and the duo that completes them all correctly first goes home the winner. You're allowed to phone a friend and/or use devices like an Internet-enabled phone for assistance. BUT no cars allowed. You're only allowed to travel by foot or public transportation.

The top 25 teams with the fastest times will advance to the national championships in New Orleans in November and have the chance to win $10,000.  (In this economy? Hot.)

Stay tuned on more coverage as the event unfolds. Until then, start working that cranium and a crossword puzzle or two in preparation for one zany ride.