Get Rolling for Bike to Work Day on May 10


Next Thursday, May 10, is Bike to Work Day, San Francisco's biggest bike day of the year. On last year's Bike to Work Day, bikes accounted for 75% of morning traffic on Market Street, and this year even more people are expected. If you're new to biking, thinking about trying biking in SF, or even if you're a seasoned commuter, Bike to Work Day is a great day to pedal. Here are four ways you can get involved in the big bike day:

Pedal by an Energizer Station--There will be 27 different stations set up across the city to give cyclists food, coffee, info, and bike repairs during the morning and evening. Check out the map at for the full list of stations, and how to find one along your commute.

Take the Dress Up Challenge--If you're an every day rider, you know you don't need to wear bike gear to pedal to the office. You may already be be biking in heels or a suit. Take the Bike to Work Day dress up challenge and outdo even your usual fashiony self on this big bike day. Post a photo of your swanky self on the SF Bicycle Coalition's twitter and Facebook page.

Join a Commuter Convoy--Want to join a whole group of folks on your commute? There are commuter convoys leaving from all over the city, including an epic 500-person no rider left behind SF2G (San Francisco to Google) Peninsula ride. Rides leave at 7:45, except SF2G, which pedals off 6:30 am.

Party it up--You've biked to work--awesome! Now pedal on by the Bike From Work Party at Public Works (6:30-9:30 pm) and get down with your fellow bike commuters. There's been a lot of talk of finding love in the bike lanes, so maybe you'll meet your new pedal-loving sweetie at the event.

For a full list of Bike to Work Day happenings, see  And if you're new to riding and want to know some tips before you take to the street next Thursday, check out the full list of Bike Buddy tips on Twitter (#bikebuddy). Experienced bike riders have been offering great tips for new SF riders. Happy pedaling!

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